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Estate Planners in Berkley

Proper estate planning can help resolve many problems that occur after the death of a loved one.  Along with good estate planning being open with friends, relatives and potential beneficiaries of your last will and testament can help over come problems after your death.

Most cases of will disputes we come across when people believe they have been unfairly treated or left our of a friends or relatives will.

When this happens families are often drawn into long will disputes and eventually one side or the other ends up contesting the last will and testament in the High Court. This process of contending probate is usually costly and time consuming.

Making changes to a will after death can be done easily via a deed of family arrangement if all parties are in agreement. It is only when there is no agreement that the contentious probate process need to be started.


Holidays from Berkley

This month we feature one of of favourite websites, The guys are an information site and focus on providing travel information to one of the most exotic holiday resort locations in the world.  The Maldives

What ever you are looking to do on a holiday vacation in the Maldives this site will have some great advice for you.  they feature and wide range of information from how to choose the best cheap all inclusive Maldives Holiday to where is the best snorkelling to be found in the Maldives, they have it all.  The site is put together by the worlds leading expert on the Maldives Adrian Neville.  Adrian has personally visited every tourist island in the Maldives and photographed them all along with having written in depth reviews on each Maldivian island.

We will be using this site to plan this years vacation leaving Berkley on the 1st December and would love to hear comments from anyone who will be in this part of the world at the same time as us.